Thursday, February 2, 2012

Maybelline-Color Tattoo Swatches & Review

Hey dolls.  I caved and bought two of the Maybelline Color Tattoos this last week.  I picked up Tough as Taupe and Bad to the Bronze as these were the colors that I would probably use the most. 
Color Tattoos: Tough as Taupe & Bad to the Bronze
These have been compared to Mac's Paint Pots, though I can't say for sure because I don't own any.  Like I've mentioned before, I'm not really a fan of creme shadows because of the creasing that goes on. 

These come in a sturdy glass jar which makes it good for travel.  Just make sure that you tightly screw the top on the jar when you're done so that the product doesn't dry out.  I also like much product is included with this, and I can foresee it lasting a long time.  One swipe is all I really need on each eye.  

I only really use my fingers to apply this to my eyes.  A brush just doesn't do the job for me for some reason.  The heat from my fingers melts the product and I just blend it out on my lids.  This also drys rather quickly, so it is important to blend it out as soon as you apply. 

First up is Tough as Taupe.  This is a matte taupe color.  
At first swatch, I was rather disappointed.  After all of the hype, I just expected more.   I think that this will be put to use as base for other shadows instead.  And you know me, I don't tend to wear a lot of mattes on my eyes anyways.

Bad to the Bronze is more up my alley.  I love how shimmery this is! I foresee lots and lots of use from this little jar. ^_*  
Swatches: Tough as Taupe & Bad to the Bronze
As soon as I swatched Bad to the Bronze, I immediately thought of the L'Oreal pressed pigment in Amber Rush.  Here they are swatched side by side:
LEFT-Amber Rush & RIGHT- Bad to the Bronze
As you can see, these are by no means dupes.  Amber Rush is more copper colored whereas Bad to the Bronze has more taupe in it.  

Final Thoughts
  • Pigmented
  • Sturdy glass jar
  • Variety of shades & finishes
  • Lasting wear
  • Pricey for a drugstore item
Repurchase?  Maybe.  I might pick up more only if they were on clearance or with coupons.  I already have the colors that I really want and I'm not sure if I will find a lot of use with the more vibrant colors.  

Have you tried these yet?  What are your thoughts?  



  1. I have 4 of these now because somehow my family hread that I like these but usually don't purchase anything from Maybelline so my brother got me more of them for my birthday! I was so suprised, so cute!

    1. How thoughtful! Which one do you use the most? I have been loving Bad to the Bronze.