Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Fave Dollar Tree Products

One of my favorite places to go when I want really good deals is the Dollar Tree.  Sometimes I find some really good beauty products that I can not find anywhere else.  I picked up some MAX Factor eye shadows there once.  That was a great find.  And sometimes they carry Elf cosmetics.  Selection is pretty limited though.  You really have to comb through the other cheapie makeup, and sometimes you leave with nothing.  

For about a month, the Dollar Tree had these lashes stocked and I picked up a bunch of boxes.  The lashes in the black boxes are the ones from the Dollar Tree:
These lashes are super dramatic and really long.  I used to only wear Modella and Ardell lashes until I found these.  I like them a lot, especially the price. :)
 I also like to pick up cotton rounds from the Dollar Tree.  Why pay $2 or $3 for cotton rounds elsewhere when you can buy them for $1?  I always keep these stocked in my bathroom.  I like using these better than cotton balls.  I use these to apply toner to my face after I shower every night.  I also use cotton rounds to remove glitter nail polish with the tinfoil method.
I also like to wash my face with these micro-fiber cloths instead of regular cotton wash cloths.  These feel nicer on my skin and I like how I can air dry them without the wet musty smell that cotton wash cloths can carry.  At the end of every week, I just throw this into the wash when I am washing all of my other towels.  Because the cloth is micro-fiber, I like how it also exfoliates your skin while you are using it.  I have gone through three of these already.  Throw them out when the cloth gets rough and dry.  I really recommend this product. 
I also noticed this product next to the microfiber cloths when I went today:
I thought that these would be nice to use in the shower.  As you can see, the scrubber is double sided. One side of the scrubber is microfiber and the other is textured.  How cool.  I threw one of the three scrubbers into my travel bag and one in my shower right away.  I used this while I was in the shower and I was surprised at how much makeup was still left on my skin after I scrubbed my face with my Proactive cleanser.  It's so great to see results right away when using a new product!  Also, I'm not wasting any of this product because I can just throw it into the wash at the end of the week and reuse it, unlike my Neutrogena Wave pads, where you have to throw them out after every use and repurchase the pads when you run out. :(  

I also picked up this travel size St. Ive's warming facial scrub while I was there today:
I used it this morning and I actually really like it!  To use it, wet your face first.  Squeeze a small amount onto fingers and gently massage into skin.  I felt an immediate warming sensation when the product was on my face but it dissipated too soon.  I don't know if I didn't have enough water on my face for it to thoroughly warm through.  I liked how the product has tons of tiny micro-beads and the cream is so rich, it feels amazing on your skin.  I can really feel it exfoliating my skin and working it's magic!  It left my skin so baby smooth after I rinsed my face.  I definitely have to go back for more of this product- one to keep in my shower!

I love browsing through the travel size bath and beauty products to find great deals.  It is such a great way to sample different brands and find new loves.  I usually buy things from that section throw into my purse like hand sanitizer, tweezers, nail filers, etc.  I have found some of my favorite obsessions by browsing through these sections.  Love finding great deals. :) 

Deal Hunting,

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