Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mini Target Haul

Target is my absolute FAVORITE superstore.  I am always in Target every month scoping out deals.  Most of my beauty and cosmetics coupons that I use are from the Target website.  See link here:  PrintYourOwnTargetCoupons

I really wanted to try the Sonia Kashuk lashes because HollyAnnaree really likes them.  I picked up the Full Glam lashes from Target with a coupon for $1 off, so I only paid $3.99 for these.
I love how thick and long they are in the packaging.  
I have also been looking for an oversized t-shirt to wear with my beloved black leggings.  I picked up this t-shirt from Target from the Juniors department for $14.99.  I love the bright salmon color.  
I love how soft and comfy it its.  I will probably go back for more colors.  lol.

I also love, love, love the dollar section in Target.  I always pick up cute pencils and stationary from there.  I picked up these two cute post its today:
And then I got two more white buckets for $1 each to store my makeup brushes & other cosmetics:
I love the sweet white bows on these pails!  Target always has cute pails all season long so I have a bunch of these in different colors and different designs.  I store scrapbooking supplies, nail polishes, nail art supplies, pencils & pens, jewelry and knick knacks in these buckets.  

I also picked up this super cute Hello Kitty key chain while I was there.  I love how the key chain has a little mirror on the back and the cute bow on top of the purple eye shadow compact.
The purple shadow has a Hello Kitty image imprinted on it in silver.  So cute!  I didn't want the shadow to break so I took it off the keychain.  I didn't swatch the shadow either because I didn't expect a whole lot of color payoff.  Plus it's way too cute to do a swatch. lol.

And lastly, I picked up two Elf Powder brushes for $3 each from the Studio Line.  I was just looking at the Sonia Kashuk stipple powder brushes right before I went over to the Elf display, and I am so glad I did.  The last time I was there, they didn't have any of these in stock, so I had resigned to buying them online if I really wanted them. 
I hope to use these brushes to apply my mineral foundation.  My kabuki brush from Sonia Kashuk is now not as dense after a few washings, and doesn't pick up as much powder as I would like.  The brushes are super soft and it feels nice on my skin.  I hope these work out well for me because I bought two. lol. 

That concludes my Target haul!

Living life on target,

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