Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rainy Days, Chasing the Clouds Away...

April showers, bring May flowers!  We have been getting a lot of rain lately, and even more rain is predicted this week.  Here are my favorite rainy day accessories:
I bought these fun leopard print rain boots from Gordman's last year for only $19.99.  These boots are so fun, it's such shame I only get to break them out when it's rainy.  When I do get to wear them, I wear them with a black pair of leggings to really show them off. :)
Because of all the moisture in the air my hair also goes crazy in the humidity, even if I straightened it in the morning.  The quickest fix is to throw my hair up high into a ponytail and make a messy bun with a few bobby pins.  I like to use these bobby pins even though they aren't black because they are stronger and actually keep my slick Asian hair in place.  I didn't buy these bobby pins so I'm not sure where you can get them.  They really don't compare at all to the Goody ones at the store, which I think are a lot flimsier than these.  When I go get my hair done for special occasions, the stylists will use these bobby pins on me and I just save them (they usually end up using A LOT because I have really thick hair). 
I also keep myself dry with this really cute pink and white umbrella from Vera Wang.  I bought this umbrella at Kohls a while ago for only $5 and a portion of that money went towards breast cancer movement, so it was $5 well spent.  It caught my eye because it was pink (of course) and because of the lace detailing.  I fell immediately in love with it- and even more so because of the price!  I stow this umbrella with me in my car so that I don't get caught in the rain at school.  It's small enough to fit into my backpack and comes with a case so it doesn't get all my books wet.  This umbrella is definitely one of my favorite designer finds.

Staying dry!

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