Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wet n' Wild MegaLash Clinical Mascara

It seems like every brand is coming out with lash growth serums and lash growth mascaras.  I would love to try Latisse, but my pocketbook says otherwise.  And the possible side effects - I could do without.  Another more affordable option is RapidLash.  See their website here:  This product retails for about $50 at drugstores.  I found this product on clearance at Walgreens for $25, but because my basket was already filled with $20 worth of products, I put RapidLash back on the shelf.  I wanted to do some more research before I go back and commit to buying.

Instead I found this product for much cheaper:  Wet n' Wild MegaLash Clinical Mascara for $3.50 on clearance.  This product originally retailed for $6.99 and the packaging says limited edition, so I'm not sure if this is still available on shelves.  It came with a coupon for $1 off any MegaLash Clinical Serum or Mascara inside it, but that coupon expired on 4/30/11.  This box was the last one on the shelf.
This product claims results in just four weeks with daily use.  I have really short, stick straight Asian lashes that I can do nothing with, so I really hope this product delivers!  What I want to try to do is update this particular entry every day with pictures to capture any results.  Wish me luck!

4/28  Day 1 of use:
Directions on back of packaging say: 
Step 1: Apply MegaLash Clinical Serum AM to bare lashes
Step 2: Gently sweep MegaLash Clinical Mascara brush through lashes from root to tip.  Repeat action.  Do not let dry between coats for a more dramatic look..  
Step 3:  Apply Megalash Clinical Serum PM to clean lashes before bed.

Huh???  I checked the contents again.  Yep, only one tube of Clinical Serum.  Was there supposed to be a PM and AM tube??? whaaaaattt?? 

Needless to say- directions were very confusing.  But alas, I concluded that I needed to apply the serum once in the morning and once before bed.  So- I guess I have to take a break from my Lash Stiletto mascara in my daily makeup routine.  

The serum applicator is a brush, which doesn't really make sense to me.  If I'm supposed to apply it to my lashes, wouldn't it make more sense to have a mascara wand?  
This brush will make the procedure difficult.  Gotta practice.  Anyways, I applied the serum to my lash line as well because, well...what could it hurt?  I want thicker and longer lashes.  

I noticed a tingly sensation right away when I placed it on my lash line.
...Does that mean it's working?  :/
4/29 Day 2 of use:
Used the serum again this morning.  It takes forever to dry when I place it on my lash line, so I must remember to apply only to lashes when I'm doing my morning routine.  I must say though that this mascara does nothing for my lashes.  :(
My eyes were unusually rather dry today.  I don't know if it was because I was wearing my colored contacts or because of the serum so tomorrow I will wear my regular contacts to see if there is a difference.  

4/30 Day 3 of use:

I did wear my regular contacts today but fell asleep with them in for 3 hours so my experiment was faulty.  Better luck tomorrow.

5/1 Day 4 of use:
Different lighting today.  I didn't wear the mascara today.  Just applied the serum again in the morning.  Eyes seemed fine today- no abnormal dryness.  

5/2 Day 5 of use:
Con: Some of the serum sometimes gets flicked into my eye when I'm applying and it stings like a mutha. 

5/4 Day 7 of use:
I gave up on the mascara.  I don't like the formula and it does nothing for my lashes. Just applying the serum.  I think this serum is just nourishing my lashes.  No growth.  Disappointing.

5/9 Day 10 of use:

I skipped a couple of days because I was out of town and forgot to pack the serum.  Still no noticeable difference yet. :(  

5/12 Day 13 of use:
See any difference yet?

5/13 Day 14 of use:

I thought I saw new baby lashes growing under these when I was trying to apply mascara.  Or maybe it's the placebo effect.  I hope it's not the latter.

5/18 Day 19 of use:

I think that at the end of this week I am going to discontinue using this product.  I really  haven't noticed an immediate difference and because this product is limited edition, I can't buy another vial to continue using even if I liked the results I got. Truthfully, I haven't been using it consistently twice a day like the directions say.  I also gave up on the mascara that came with the set because I just hated the formula.  Until then, I will keep taking pictures.

5/22 Day 23 of use:
 5/25 Day 26 of use:
Final thoughts on this product?  I think it needs more work.  I really disliked the mascara formula because it was so wet and clumpy.  It also did nothing for my lashes.  I didn't have any problem with the lash serum but it was a pain to put it on twice a day.  The serum does take a while to dry in the mornings so maybe put it on and then brush your teeth and then do your morning routine.  I really had high hopes for this product because I really do like (and use!) Wet 'n Wild products on a daily basis.  But the reality is, I really did not see any difference in my lashes and I did not experience any real results.  I give this product a 2 thumbs down.

Update:  I went over to Walgreens today and Wet 'n Wild now has the MegaLash clinical mascara and lash serum on their display for sale.  These are packaged separately and were around $4 each.

Honest thoughts,

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