Sunday, April 10, 2011

Smokey Eye Series

One of my favorite looks is the smokey eye.  But because of the shape of my Asian eyes, this look can be tricky to execute and master.  I have experimented with a couple of different colors and brands, but these are some of my favorite looks:

I used colors from the Maybelline Natural Smokes quad to create this look.  I follow HollyAnnaeree's blog and videos, and this is her favorite quad from Maybelline.  I picked up the quad a while ago, but didn't really use it until I rewatched her videos on Youtube recently.  I didn't really like the quad because it had a lot of fallout and left specks of glitter all over my face.  You really have to layer the colors on because they are a bit on the sheer side, even with primer underneath.  

I'm glad I bought this quad a while ago, because I saw the new Natural Smokes quad at Walmart recently, and the packaging has changed.  The highlight color is the biggest quad color and the all over eye color and the crease color is way smaller in this quad- which doesn't really make any sense to me. The lashes I am wearing are from the Forever21 beauty line.  I picked up two of the Parisian Cinema Lashes for around $3 each.
This look I created with colors from my Coastal Scents Mirage palette.  I bought the palette from their website for $24.95 plus shipping.  This is my first palette from them. I used the black, light purple, aqua and silver colors.  The lashes are the same pair from the previous photo.

Sorry for the different lighting in these two photos.  This is another look I created with colors from my Coastal Scents Mirage palette.  I choose this particular palette because I prefer neutral and shimmer shadows.  The lashes I am wearing in this picture are from the Dollar Tree.  These lashes are super long and super dramatic and I really like them.  The Dollar Tree had them stocked for about a month only, and I bought a bunch of them in a couple of different styles. 

Happy blending!

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