Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rimmel Colour Rush Quad

I picked up this Rimmel Colour Rush Quad in Smokey Brun on clearance for $1.57.  This is my first Rimmel shadow purchase.

I was going to pass it over because I already have so many neutral colors, but for $1.57 I couldn't resist.  I swatched it the other day without any primer under:

This quad is much more pigmented than some of my ELF shadows, but it is very chalky upon application, especially the lighter colors.  I don't think that I will be repurchasing.
I used this quad today to create this look:

My camera washes out some of the color and intensity unfortunately.  Also, when I'm applying eye makeup, I find that if I bring the darker colors up too high it just looks weird on me because I don't have a noticeable crease and I have hooded eyes.  To avoid looking like a clown, I keep my darker colors closer to the lash line and blend, blend, blend into the lighter colors. 

I didn't put on any falsies today to make the look more wearable for the daytime.  I have super stick straight Asian lashes, even though I curl them with a lash curler before I apply my mascara.  Curling them after mascara just looks weird because then I have clumps of mascara missing from the bottom of my lashes and I end up with 90 degree angle lashes. I have even tried several different types of the lash curling mascara and those don't work either for me.  :(

Peace, Love, and Lashes,

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