Thursday, April 7, 2011


I just purchased this pink Caboodles case this week.  I loved how many bags came with it and the cute rose design on the pink cases.  My other Caboodles cases are pretty plain, just black - so I decided to have some fun with this case.  I picked it up because I have such a dilemma when packing my makeup and bath/beauty products when I have to go somewhere.  I can never decide what to bring and what to leave behind.  This case allows me more room to pack what I need and I love how you can just throw everything back into the clear bag and go! 

As you can see from the pictures, there were five smaller bags within the larger bag.  I opened them up so you could see the compartments.  This bag set also came with some brushes, a small blush brush, an eye shadow applicator, lip liner brush and a eye liner brush.  

I took a picture of my other Caboodles cases just so you can compare the sizes.  It is slightly bigger than the black train case and the large pink case inside is about the same size as the smaller black train case in front. 

This was a great buy for only $19.99 and I know this bag will be put to good use.   


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