Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yes to Healthy Skin!

Now that spring is here, I can say goodbye to dry winter skin.  But, that also means time to prep for summer skin.  How do I stay moisturized?  

I always have a little jar of Yes2Carrots body butter with me.  This is a little jar of heaven.  The body butter is blended with organic carrot juice, shea butter, spring water and dead sea minerals.  I love it because it just melts into my skin and doesn't feel greasy at all.  This has gotten my hands through the harsh winter.
I bought this travel size jar for $1.99 at my local Target.  I always buy them two at a time so I never run out.  I keep one in my purse and I keep one in my pencil bag at school.  My son, E, also has really bad eczema in the winter so I also use this on him.  I have never seen the travel size jars sold anywhere else, but you can visit their website to buy the regular size jars as well.

I also buy Aveeno Active Naturals lotion.  I always try to look for products that will do double duty to get more bang for my buck.  Because E has eczema, he also uses this lotion right after he showers.  I picked up another bottle recently, the creamy moisturizing oil lotion.  It was $6.99, but I had a coupon so I saved $1.  I noticed though upon comparison that the pink bottle's lotion is not as thick or as rich as the green bottle's.  The pink one is also lightly scented, whereas I don't pick up a scent from the green one.  When repurchasing, I think that I will stick with the green one.

I also always seem to have chapped lips, no matter what season.  My favorite ways to moisturize my lips is with the original Carmex in the tube.  I have tubes of Carmex all over the place - in my car, purse, backpack and night stand.  Lately, I have also been using Blistex Silk and Shine.  This lip balm is made with real silk extracts and it also has SPF 15! (double duty!) I also have two of these, one I keep in my purse and one I keep next to the Aveeno lotions so I remember to moisturize every night before bed.
This lip balm delivers just the right amount of shine, like a lip gloss, but isn't sticky so I never have hair stuck to my mouth. lol.  I also like to use just a thin layer of this on my lips before I put on lip liner and lipstick for the day.  It helps with the color application so that pigment from the lipsticks and liners don't settle into the cracks of my lips.  Blistex can be found at any drugstore or supermarket and retails for around $2.99. 

Wishing you lots of sunshine,

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