Saturday, March 9, 2013

Urban Decay-Smoked 24/7 Eye Liner Set

Hi dolls.  I have been interested in picking up Urban Decay's 24/7 pencils for a while now, but the hefty price tag always put me off.  The color that I have been eyeing is Perversion, and it costs a total of $18.  That's a lot for a pencil. 
So when I saw this Smoked Set at Ulta, for $27 I had to snap it up.  What a great deal!  I get to try six colors from the UD line, and at a fraction of the price!

I mean, yeah, Perversion is not included in this set, but Zero is and I just mainly wanted to try out the formula than the actual color.
You'll want to note that these pencils are not the full size pencils.  They are minis and do have to be sharpened.  But I know that I hardly ever use pencil liners, in fact, I prefer liquid over anything so these will probably last me quite a while.
Uzi:  Is a charcoal gray pencil with shimmer.  
ZeroBasic black liner, but not a true black like Perversion.
Demolition:  Coffee brown liner
SmogCopper colored with a frost/shimmery finish  
Mainline:  An electric blue
Empire:  Shimmery purple color with blackened base

So you might be asking yourself, if I don't like pencil liners why in the world would I be lusting over these 24/7's because lately I have been obsessed with lining my waterline.  I have very watery eyes, and a normal pencil just will not do.  

I have been after the Milani liquifye pencils too, but there isn't a store near me that sells Milani products.  When I go out of town to check, there are never any in stock either.  :(  It just eludes me.
The performance of these pencils is pretty outstanding.  I swatched these pencils on my arm and then wiped them off right away with my makeup wipe-it pretty much stained my arm.  The pencils are very creamy and easy to work with. They don't pull or drag and had great pigmentation.  Uzi and Empire do have a blackened base, so they might take a couple of swipes to get true color payoff.

I have only worn Zero thus far, since this review because I had gotten it in my Oz palette.  Zero does take a few swipes before it becomes black enough for my liking.  I have been using it to line my upper waterline.  I find that it does transfer right away onto my bottom waterline if I don't give it time to set, but once it sets it stays put.  I see myself using Demolition and Zero the most out of these liners. 

Are you a fan of the 24/7 liners? 



  1. These all look so good. My UD Naked palette came with a black liner, but I'm not sure which one now. I think the price is pretty good on these liners.

    1. It's prob Zero. That's the one they always include with the palettes.