Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hair Chalking with Anastasia Beverly Hills & Splat-Review

Hello dolls.  I posted this picture on Instagram earlier this month:
I tried hair chalking for the first time!  I loved the immediate results, but it's definitely not for everyday wear.  Keep reading to find out my thoughts!

Hair chalking is temporary and is really just pigment for your hair.  It washes out easily and looks great, especially for those of us who want to experiment with color but may be a little color shy or who don't want to commit to color.

The first product that I picked up was from Anastasia Beverly Hills, the Hypercolor Brow and Hair Powder.  I got the purple color, aptly named Ultra-Violet.  This product retails for around $12 at Ulta.

There are other colors available too, a pink, blue, a teal/turquoise and neon green.  

The kit comes with complete instructions and pictures of how to use the product:

I would say that it is easy to use, but very messy.  I would recommend working over a garbage can, or spreading newspaper on the ground, and wearing an old t-shirt.  The fall out is ridiculous.  

To prep your hair, they recommend working a product into the hair first, so that the powder has something to grab onto.  I used leave in conditioner and just massaged that into the ends of my hair.  Then, you are to sandwich the product between your fingers and run it through your hair.  You can repeat the process for a more saturated color.  After you do that, they recommend that you add a hairspray to lock in the color.

I also picked up some other colors while I was at Ulta, but from a different brand to compare.  These two are from the brand Splat, and cost only $6 each.  I picked up the blue one and the pink one.

These two products work in pretty much the same way, except they came with a little round spongeUsing the sponge while using the sandwich method before makes for a little less fall out and keeps your fingers clean.  This product also came with instructions, very similar to the Anastasia one.

I did find that the pink one from this brand wasn't as pigmented and as striking as I would have liked on my dark hair.  I had to run it through a couple of times to get it to show up.  This might have something to do with the shimmer in the pink one too, the blue one is more matte.

Below is a picture of my hair with all three of the colors:  

As you can see, there is a lot of extra 'chalkiness' going on.  I wore this to school for 'crazy hair' day and it noticeably faded away as the day wore on, even with hairspray. 

I used the Anastasia one twice so far, and I have already hit pan.  Kind of disappointing for $12.  I do have longer hair though, so I did have to use more product.  

I also hit pan with the other two products, but again, I have longer hair.  I would not recommend the pink one from Splat for darker hair, as it took so much to show up on my hair.  The blue one is decently pigmented though and vibrant on dark hair.  

Both of these products washed out easily with some shampoo and didn't stain my hair. 

If you have lighter colored hair and have tried hair chalking, I would love to hear your thoughts!  I think that this would be fun for a night out on the town, or a photo shoot.  


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