Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April- Running on Empty

Hello there dolls.  Welcome to this month's edition of Running on Empty.  Here is what I ran out of this month:
Eight products total- which is pretty good, no?
Up & Up Nail Polish Removers:
These babies are cheap and easy to get at any Target store.  I'm not particularly picky on which brand I get of nail polish remover-as long as it does the job.  

Repurchase?  Yes.

Epielle Facial Essence Mask:
I like how moisturizing these masks are, but this month, my skin has been acting out so I only went through one of these.  

Repurchase?  Sure, but I have only seen these at Big Lots so sometimes they are hard to get.

Boots #07 Mattifying Matifiant Make-up Base:
Remember my review here?  So glad that I finally finished this.  And that was with everyday use.  I did find that this works much better with a liquid or a wet foundation on top rather than mineral or a powder alone.  It does also pill if you are too vigorous with application, so be careful.

Repurchase?  No.  I tried it and I've decided that I'm not really a fan.

Revlon Eye Lash Curler:
This baby is old.  Ridiculously old.  I found it while cleaning the other day under my sink.  Out it goes.

Repurchase?  No.  I'm still using my electric lash curler from Avon, which does a much better job at curling my lashes.  

Shiseido Whitening Mask:
I reviewed this product here already, so not saying much about it here.

Repurchase?  Yes.  These are relatively cheap and you really only need to use them once a week.

 Bare Minerals Mineral Veil
This came with my $60 kit that I bought a while ago.  I ended up taking off the sifter top so that I could use it all up.  

Repurchase?  No, I have other powders that I need to use up.

CoverGirl TruBlend Foundation
I bought this at Big Lots last year along with another shade.  I used this all fall and winter long and am finally done with it.  It just offered more coverage than my mineral foundation so I stuck with it in order to use it up.  It is mousse-like and very easy to blend.  I do have to set it with powder though for it to last me throughout the day. 

Repurchase?  No, these are discontinued.  I do plan on using up the other shade that I purchased though.

What have you run out of this month?

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