Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sally Hansen-Hard as Nails Party Hard-y PLUS Gradient Nails!

Hello loves.  Here I am wearing Sally Hansen's Party Hard-y from the very affordable Hard as Nails line.  
This is three coats on my nails.  It is a nice pink crelly, but it got kinda thick while applying.  Definitely need to add a drop or two of thinner next time. I got bored of the color pretty quickly as it is just another standard pink so I decided to do a gradient nail:
For this look, I took Revlon's TopSpeed color in Peachy and Sinful Color's Pull Over to build the gradient over Party Hard-y. I used the sponging method with a makeup sponge, but I found it left little bits stuck on the nails.  *sigh*  Maybe I'm just using cheap makeup sponges? :/
Oh well.  I tried.  I might experiment with other sponges to see if they work better.  Have you tried the gradient trend yet?


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