Monday, May 28, 2012

Big Lots-Philosophy Haul

Hey dolls.  I heard about Philosophy products popping up at Big Lots so I went over to check it out today.  Here are the goodies that I snapped up:
These were only $3 each!  What a steal!
I do have to mention though, that your Big Lots might have a slightly different selection than mine does.  I saw that some people found eye shadow quads (*dies*) and I didn't see any at the one I went to.  

First up, are the two creme blushes.  Now, I don't really use a whole lot of creme blushes because of my oily skin- but these were just too pretty to pass up. 
 Bare Your Soul:

 Swatched under Ottlite:
 Swatched in natural light:
Then I picked up a lip gloss:
 Pretty packaging:
 Lipgloss in Pretty Please:
This is rather sheer on me and I could have done without it.  I also avoid lip balms/glosses where you have to dip your finger into it, but oh-well.  

An eye shadow duo:
 Duo in Heaven and  Earth:
 Swatched under Ottlite:
 Swatched in natural light:
 A shimmering face powder:
 Swatched under Ottlite:
 Swatched in natural light:
 And lastly, a little palette with cheek, lip and eye colors:
It comes in a lovely pink, leather magnetized case:
 Included in the palette are two lip glosses, two shadows, one creme-based illuminator, one cheek color and one hi-lighter:

 Swatches from left to right:  TWO eyeshadows in Angel & Dream, Cheek color in Pure Joy, Hi-lighter in Amazing Grace and creme based illuminator:
I didn't bother swatching the lip glosses as they were very sheer anyways wouldn't show up on my arm.  

Overall though, the colors are lacking and don't seem quite right for my skin tone.  These colors seem like they would suit a person with fairer/lighter skin tones. I am going to try out the cheek colors though and see how they hold up on me. :)

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