Friday, May 11, 2012

Boots #07-Cleansing Milk Review

Hello dolls.  I have been using this product for over a month now and I do quite enjoy it.  Here is the thorough review as promised:
I apply this in the morning onto a cotton pad and swipe it all over my face.  Then I wash it all off with a warm wet towel.  I usually just wash my face with a warm towel in the mornings, so adding this particular step doesn't slow me down at all.  Also, because I use a clean cotton pad, I can see all of the dirt and left over makeup from the day before being cleaned off.  

I noted before that this cleanser does have a strong flowery scent, so if that is bothersome to you, I wouldn't recommend this.  The scent does fade though once you wash it off.  Once washed off-this cleanser leaves my skin feeling soft and supple.  It is a nice change from the harsh cleansers that strip the skin.  I would even use this just as a lotion at night and not wash it off, just be sure to use a small amount. 

I don't know if this product is being discontinued or not, but I did get it for a pretty price at Target.  (I paid less than $5 for it)  Also, there is quite a bit of product in the bottle, so it will last you for quite some time.  The bottle is also made of glass, so you can reuse it for other functions once it is all gone.  The vintage vibe the bottle gives off is simply adorable, so I let it sit on top of my bathroom counter. 

Final Thoughts

  • Cute packaging
  • Lots of product included
  •  Can be used as just a lotion
  • No pump included with the bottle 
  • Scented
  •  Might be hard to find
Repurchase?  Only if I can find it at another Target.  I don't think that I will shell out for shipping especially because I only paid a little bit for it.  You can buy it here though at if you want to try this for yourself for around $8.


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