Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Revlon-Scented Polish in Mint Gelato

Hello there dolls.  Here I am wearing Revlon's scented polish in Mint Gelato. 
This is three coats on my nails and topped off with one coat of Seche Vite.  I had some bubbling with this polish-is it because of the warm, humid weather we have been having? Alas, Seche Vite was absolutely necessary in getting rid of them. 
The smell...I thought it was very strong at first when I was applying it.  But after I was all through with polishing-my nails smelled like minty, chocolately, Girl-scout cookies.  YUM.

Then, I decided to go with a glitter gradient.  It is my favorite thing to do with minty cremes and blues.  
I did two coats of NYC's White Lights Glitter just on the tips.  This I did not bother sponging.  The glitter usually just gets absorbed into the sponge and very little transfers onto the nail.

Then, I took Sally Hansen's White Veil topcoat and did one coat of that over White Lights Glitter.  

Have you been trying the gradient trend?  I have been doing glitter gradients for a while now, but with cremes I'm still experimenting. :) 



  1. How long do the scented nail polishes last?

    I've been experimenting too and I think cream gradients work best with a sponge application (over a white or light base).

  2. i only wore this for a day, so I can't really say. :) i was able to still smell it throughout the day tho when i was wearing it