Saturday, May 26, 2012

Revlon-Cherry Bon Bon

Hey dolls.  Here I am wearing Revlon's scented polish in Cherry Bon Bon. 
Here is what it looked like before I painted the cherries on:
I did three coats of Cherry Bon Bon on my nails, save for the ring finger in which I used the white creme from Wet 'n Wild.  The formula is a little thin on Cherry Bon Bon, so I went with the extra coat. 
Then, using a small striper brush, I took Sinful Color's Nirvana and Envy to create the stems and leaves. Practice on scrap paper til you feel comfortable in creating them on your nails. *_^
With a small dotting tool, I went back in with Cherry Bon Bon and created the two cherries on my nails.
Wait a bit for it to dry and then seal everything in with a good topcoat. :)

Below, I wore Cherry Bon Bon with two coats of Sally Hansen's White Veil:
The smell is not anything to write home about though.  Sweet, but artificial.  :/  Eh, I like Mint Gelato's scent much better. 

Have you tried these scented polishes yet?


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