Friday, November 4, 2011

Boots No #7-Mattifying Matifiant

Hello friends.  I had bought this about a year ago from Target but only tried it a couple of times before deciding that I didn't like it and put it away on the shelf.  I recently pulled it out again because I needed some products for my "Running on Empty" posts and this product needed to go.  I have been using this recently as a primer under my makeup.
The formula comes in a white paste, dispensed from a squeeze tube.   I use my fingers to quickly blend this out on my face.  Don't even try a brush.  This formula dries too quickly for a brush.  The best way to describe the consistency of this formula - like spreading glue stick onto your face.  That is why I didn't like it in the first place.  It is very tacky and dries super fast so it is hard to blend out over a large area like your forehead.  I would recommend working in small patches, again, using only your fingers to blend the product out.
What it claims:
Amazingly, as soon as I put it on, I can see my face instantly mattified.  There is no shine folks.  But that matte factor does not last all day.  Another reason why I didn't like it.  It does a nice job for about three hours and then I have to pull out the oil blotting sheets and translucent powder.  You might have better wear time with this than what I do though hopefully.

I do give it a little bit of time to set before I put on the rest of my makeup, otherwise it latches onto my mineral makeup and leaves my face looking patchy.  I have not noticed any recent breakouts -which was what I had feared - from using this product so that in itself is one plus.

Though, this is one product that I will not be repurchasing.  Hopefully, you'll all seen it featured on one of my "Running on Empty" posts soon.

That's all folks.


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