Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Color Club-Lavendarling & Platinum Record

Hey dolls.  Okay, so I know that I had put myself on a no-buy ban for nail polish, but while shopping the other day I ran across a stand with Color Club polishes.  *jaw drops*  NOBODY in town sells Color Club polishes.  Nobody.  So of course I had to grab two of them for myself.  They were 2 for $5- so I had to grab two. :)
 Unfortunately, there was a very limited selection.  Crackles mostly (black and white) and some cremes.  Platinum Record was the only glitter polish-so I nabbed it.

Lavendarling is from Color Club's recent Spring collection.  Here is Lavendarling on my nails:
A very pretty lavender creme-great for Spring.  Then I took Platinum Record and layered that over my ring finger and thumb.
Platinum Record is rather nice.  It has large, small and medium silver hex glitter.  But what gives this glitter polish some depth is the small charcoal hex glitter mixed in with it.  I also love how opaque this glitter is- all I'm wearing is one coat!  I can definitely see myself doing some great jelly sandwiches with this glitter.  


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