Monday, May 7, 2012

L'Oreal- Metallique Eye Shadow Stick, Swatches & Review

Hello dolls.  Today I will be reviewing the L'Oreal Metallique eye shadow sticks that I bought back in April from last month.
 L'Oreal Metallic Eye Shadow Sticks: Khaki Foil, Black Foil, Bronze Foil
The color that I am showcasing from the three that I got is Bronze Foil.  I ended up Googling these after I wrote about them in my April post, and most people recommended using these wet, or foiled.  Here are swatches of Bronze Foil:
On the left, I have it swatched dry, and on the right I have it swatched wet.  I think for this particular color it didn't really change to color payoff that much, but using it wet was much easier on the lid.  

Using this dry tugged on my eyes and it didn't apply in a very consistent matter.  This is because the product is almost chalk-like (and even shaped like one) which makes it hard to apply.
I also have an issue with the packaging.  These color sticks don't twist up or down, and it has plastic wrapping that encases the stick - which I'm not sure if I am supposed to peel off or not yet.  

Anywhos, here I used it to create this eye look below:  
I used the Bronze Foil eye shadow stick all over the lid, but decided that it was too inyourface so I toned it down a bit with my Maybelline Bad to the Bronze.  I then added liquid liner and falsies to complete the look.
I paired it with a nude, glossy lip to wear for the day:
I think that I will keep the Bronze Foil around, but I ended up tossing out the Black Foil and Khaki Foil.  Khaki Foil has glitter particles in it which I'm not too fond of.  Black foil as poor pigmentation and is very hard to use.
 Final Thoughts:

  • Can be used either wet or dry
  • Different finishes available
  • Poor packaging
  • Hard to use because of consistency
  • Limited edition & discontinued, so therefore hard to find 
Repurchase?  No, I don't think that I will go back for anymore of these.  They are really rather disappointing.  


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