Monday, April 29, 2013

Sinful Colors-Neptune

Hello dolls.  Today, I am showing you Sinful Colors Neptune, from the Cast Away collection last year.
On my ring finger, I used OPI's Which Witch is Which, from the Oz collection.  Can I Just say that I love this polish?  This is the only polish that I got from that collection-the others were kind of meh
If you can't tell, there is a bunch of bar glitter in Which Witch is Which, but it's small bar glitter which I LOVE.  Regular bar glitter is kinda annoying.  It always manages to hang over the edges of my nails or stick up.  :/  This polish did none of that.  Yay, OPI! 
But, back to Neptune-it's gorge, no?  I love the tiny flakies in it and it's such a rich blueThis is one beautiful polish.
Did you guys pick up anything from the Oz collection?  



  1. I picked up "I Theodora You" & "Which is Witch" from the Oz collection. As I've mentioned before, I'm not a big glitter lover, but may I just say I LOVE "Which is Witch"! I've worn it more than any other glitter I have. It is a beast to take off (like most glitters), but I can really honestly say I love this one!

  2. Oh and that SC Neptune is stunning! I'll have to look for that one!