Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sally Hansen-Back to the Fuchsia

Hi dolls.  So today I am showing you my nubs again.  I kind of forgot how they looked like.  :)

On my new nubs is Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in Back to the Fuchsia.  
Back to the Fuchsia is a bright pink with lots of microshimmer running through it.  I think that the shimmer is what makes this polish interesting.
I never have any trouble with the Complete Salon Manicure line polishes.  I find that they are really easy to work with and they have a great range of colors.  I just hate the price point on expensive for a drugstore polish!
Anyways, this is still available from the core line, so you should be able to find it anywhere.   I picked this up before the entire line was revamped, so I was able to get it at a deep discount. 

What do you think about expensive drugstore polishes?  



  1. This color is beautiful! So this is your idea of nubs, huh? I actually think this is a perfect length. Your long nails are pretty too, but for me personally I like this length. This manicure is absolutely flawless. Do you have much of a clean up process after polishing your nails?

    Onto the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure...I think the colors in this line are beautiful, but that brush! Ugh! I just cannot deal with that brush, that's the only reason I won't buy polishes from this line. I bought 2 polishes from this line and the brush turned me off so much that I've never bought another one, despite all of the pretty colors. I don't even remember what I paid for them, so I don't remember what the price point was/is.

    I bought a Revlon Brilliant polish called Dazzle last weekend and there was no price where this line was stocked and when I got to the register it was $8.99. I was shocked! I bought it, but later returned it - I've never paid that much for a drugstore polish. I think the most I've paid for a drugstore polish was $5.99.

    1. Really? I actually like the brushes that come along with these SH polishes. They make doing my nails so much easier. It's prob because I have smaller nail beds, and so two swipes with the brush is sufficient.

      Yeah, some of the Revlon long wear polishes are pretty, but so expensive! I could be buying OPI polishes for that price! Def a turn off!