Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April-Dollar Tree Finds

Hi dolls.  Here is April's Dollar Tree Finds post:
Yeah, only two things I picked up this time.  First up, a Bonne Bell concealer.  I have been completely obsessed with concealer lately, and so this caught my eye.  At first, I thought it was lip balm!
I got the shade Warm Beige, as this is most suited for my skin tone.  It is a small, twist up tube.  I honestly don't have a whole lot of expectations for this concealer, but maybe it will be a nice surprise.  It claims to be oil free as well.
What it claims:
I didn't swatch it because I had on some self tanner today, and didn't want to compromise the color.

I also found the Goody spiral bobby pins.  I picked up the ones for dark hair.  These are interesting looking, huh?  I don't know if they will work for my hair, and I've never tried them before.   
I have thicker hair, and usually have to use a ton of bobby pins to hold down an updo or a bun.  Maybe these will be useful?  It's too early to tell.  

The back of the package gives you some simple instructions on how to use them, and there are more pictorials inside the packaging. 
That's all that I got from the Dollar Tree this month.  Did you find any treasures?  I keep looking for the Sinful Colors that have been popping up, but no such luck yet!



  1. Ok, I adore your posts on dollar store makeup hauls. Could you please continue them and possibly expand them? Maybe include images of what you see at the dollar store in the makeup section, comments on coupon use, and what's in stock or when is the best time to check it out? It's such an excellent resource! ~ Thanks

    1. Great idea! I'll see what I can do. :)