Wednesday, April 3, 2013

OPI-Suzi Takes the Wheel

Hi dolls.  Today I am showing you OPI's Suzi Takes the Wheel.  This polish is from OPI's Touring America Collection, and is a grayed out green creme.

I have had it in my untried pile for quite some time, as I do believe that I picked this polish up last year.  It's just never made the cut til now.  
 Formula was easy to work with and only required two simple coats.  I topped it off with one coat of Seche Vite, but it's standing on it's last leg, thus all the streaky lines-it's not from the polish itself.
I know that I said that I would show you all how to repair a broken nail, but I just decided to file them all down instead because the tear got even worse.  Next time, though, I promise.  So all I'm sporting now are nubs.  :(



  1. Lovely color!!


  2. I don't love this color, though I have a few gray polishes in my collection (just to be well-rounded). The ones I have don't get much love though. I either like bright cheery colors or dark vampy colors and some middle of the road colors too...but gray polishes look so drab to me, so I don't wear them much (maybe if I topped them with glitter, I might wear them more).