Monday, April 8, 2013

Butter London-The Black Knight

Hello dolls.  Here is a new polish that I picked up last month.  This is from Butter London, in the Black Knight.  I got this from Ulta when Butter London polishes were only $8.  Usually they retail for twice that much-and I just never looked twice at them because in my opinion, that is a lot for nail polish.  
Of course, I had to get the glittery one, even though Trout Pout was calling my name.  This was just too pretty to pass up.

The Black Knight is a multi-colored glitter polish in a blackened base.  I am wearing three coats for this opacity. 
I love how the glitter still manages to peek through though.  SO pretty.  I did top this off with a coat or two of Seche Vite.
This would probably be the most expensive polish that I have in my collection so far.  I don't know if I will be adding anymore Butter London's to my stash, but we'll see.  I like the bottle shape and packaging, but the price just gets to me.  Do you own any Butter Londons?



  1. I don't own any Butter London's - the price is a huge turn off to me. The bottle shape and lid aren't what I'm used to either, but maybe I'll try one the next time I can catch it on sale. I've seen The Black Knight swatched many times and it really is pretty.

    Do you buy indie polishes?

    1. No, I actually don't have any indie polishes yet!

  2. I heard that this brand is super good but the price tag makes me turn away as well. The packaging makes it look super sophisticated though! Love this color, it's gorgeous(:


  3. The black night is so pretty! and I agree; I only get butter london if it's on sale. My friend wants me to get her a nars polish for her birthday- it's $19 per bottle! (too much for nail polish in my opinion)