Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ulta-Indigo-Go Girl

Hello dolls.  Here is what I put on my nails today:
This amazing blue glitter is from Ulta Cosmetics, in Indigo-Go Girl.  I picked this polish up because I hardly ever see any blue glitters this shade. 
I applied this using several coats to get it to this opacity.  I think it was four total coats, topped off with two shiny coats of Seche Vite to smooth everything out.
The color flashes depending on what kind of lighting you're in.  Either way, it's still a gorgeous color.  To make this glitter bomb removal easier, I used the glue method as my base coat. 
My nails are getting pretty long, thanks to my Orly basecoat that I have been using.  I'm pretty much down to the little last drops of that bottle, and I even put some thinner in their to use up every last bit.  You betcha I am gonna repurchase this soon.
I am thinking of filing them back down though, just because I have already gotten tears in some of them and constantly fixing them with nail glue is getting a bit ridiculous.   I envy women who have long, strong, thick nails!


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