Thursday, January 17, 2013

Elf-Glitter Eye 12 Eye Shadow Palette

Hi dolls.  Here is another Elf eye shadow palette that I picked up in addition to the Natural Eye one that I blogged about here.
This one was also only $2.50, marked down on clearance after the holiday season.  Again, this palette opens up like a book, with the shadows on one side and directions on the other side.
 There are 12 glittery eye shadows included in this palette:
 (The glitter can be better seen at an angle.)
Here are swatches of the colors, shot under my Ottlite.  These are all swatched dry with no primer underneath:
The neutrals are a big let down, especially the black, but the greens, blues and purples really show up well!  The glitter factor doesn't really pay off either, because once blended out onto skin, it looks rather sparse. The black color is the one all the way to the right in the picture above.  It was really hard to swatch for some reason, and I felt like I had to literally scrape it off in order to get anything.  Otherwise, the greens, purples and blues were rather soft and much easier to swatch.
Contemplating a look yet with this palette, as you know I don't really wear colors all that often.  Maybe this weekend I will be able to come up with something. 

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  1. This palette looks really pretty, but I'm afraid of bright colors since I'm so new to eyeshadow. I do love the ELF's price point though.