Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wet 'n Wild-New Fergie Line Purchases & First Thoughts

Hi dolls.  I stopped in at Walgreens this week just to pick up some cough medicine for E, but the new displays caught my eye...Here is what I ended up getting while I was there:
I picked up two things from the new Wet 'n Wild Fergie line, the black gel liner and the highlighter.  The two lipsticks are from the regular line though.

Wet 'n Wild Fergie Highlighter in Rose Champange Glow
This is a baked highlighter product, and is quite hefty.  I picked this up for $5.99.  As you can see, it doesn't even really fit in the palm of my hand!  The packaging is quite bulky, but also probably necessary because this is a baked product.
Very shimmery as you can see from my quick swatch.  I used it this morning and it wears very nicely.    

On Edge Creme Eyeliner in Little Black Dress
I picked this up because it claims to be waterproof.  I was in need of a waterproof liner this weekend because I am attending a funeral and didn't want my regular liner to be smearing and running down all over my face.  I don't really like gel liners all that much-the ELF ones that I have tried have ended up smearing and transferring up onto my lids.  But, I was willing to give this liner a try.  This was $4.99.  
It comes with a small eye liner brush, but I don't really like it because it doesn't give me a precise enough line.
From the swatches, this isn't your blackest liner.  It's very creamy though, and easy to dip into.  I applied the swatches with the brush that was included.
I also waited a couple of minutes and then did a quick rub test with my finger.  As you can see, some of it smeared, but most of it held up quite nicely.
I also went to the bathroom and washed my hand with soap and warm water, without scrubbing this specific part of my hand.  Eh... I wish it was more promising.  

All in all, I hope that I can wear it this weekend and that it won't make me look like a hot mess.  As of now, the only other waterproof liner that I have is my ELF one, and that one isn't very good in my opinion.  

I knew that I had to pick up this lip color because I have been watching so many people on Youtube and Instagram go on and on about this lippie.  It's only $1.99 -so quite a steal if you're in the market for a matte red.
I also got Black Cherry, because of the oxblood trend.  I love how vampy it looks in the tube.

Here are quick swatches of both colors on the inside of my arm:
As you can see, it's very pigmented and swipes on very nicely.  Very promising from the swatches.  I can't wait to wear Black Cherry.  I also already have two other colors from this line that I picked up a while ago, but I haven't reviewed them or swatched them for the blog yet (I think).

Do you have your eye on anything from the new Fergie line?


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  1. I love how Wet n Wild is so affordable you can treat yourself and not feel guilty! Can't wait to try the new line!