Tuesday, January 1, 2013

LA Girls-Double Platinum

Hello dolls.  Happy New Year everyone!  I have some posts in the work to wrap up the end of the year but they aren't quite ready yet.  Instead here is yet another glitter gradient look that I did:
This look was inspired by this mani I had on earlier this week:
I liked my ring finger so much that I did a whole mani based on that one finger. :)  Again, the larger, silver hex glitter is from Color Club in Platinum Record.
And to make it even more gaudy-I added a 3D white bow from my BornPretty haul last summer.  I was tempted to add in some rhinestones too, but I stopped myself.  You'rewelcomeverymuch.  
I'm glad that I am getting a chance to rock these nails on my days off from school, as I don't think that they are really teacher-friendly looking nails. lol.



  1. Cute nails and I love the bow! How did you get it to stay on your nail?

    1. Hi Crystal! Happy New Year to you too. I just used nail glue to make the bow stay.