Saturday, September 1, 2012

Glue & Glitter Removal!

Hey dolls.  So I am so excited because I came across this easy removal method on another blog last month and my eyes have been opened to a whole new world!  

I love glitter bombs, but they are the hardest to remove!  Don't you hate the mess with the foil method, the acetone and the cotton strands stuck to your fingers? Well, no more!  

All you need is an empty polish bottle, a little bit of water and some wood glue!
Make sure that you use a nail polish bottle with a wider opening so that the glue doesn't accumulate at the top when you're trying to pour it.  I took an old Sally Hansen bottle and cleaned it out with a little bit of acetone before emptying some wood glue into it.  I only did about a third of glue (just in case this for some reason didn't work) and then added a little bit of tap water to thin it out some.  Some people used good ol'e white glue, which is fine too.  I just had wood glue laying around so I used that first.

After you add your water, all you need to do is to shake it up and then paint away!  If you find that the glue mixture needs a thinner consistency, all you do is add more water!  

I usually paint two thin coats of this glue mixture on my nails before the glitter polish- just to ensure that it will all peel off in one easy coat. 

When you're sick of the glitter-just peel away!  I love it!!  I'm a polish peeler anyways, so by default- I would love this removal method! 
Yup.  So genius.  If you haven't tried this already-whaddya waitin' for?!?  



  1. I really need to try this! I end up peeling my polish off a lot too.