Thursday, September 6, 2012

Too Faced-Primed & Poreless

Hey dolls. Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the Too Faced face primer.  I picked this up from Ulta last month for $15.  I figured it was time to try a new primer, as my current Urban Decay one is almost done.
What it claims:
I liked how it dries matte.  Something important for all of us oily gals out there.
The tube is a tad small, which was kind of disappointing (.50 oz of product).  The squeeze tube is nice though.  Also love the black and pink theme from Too Faced.  Very girly.

This primer does have that heavy silicone feel to it, so if you aren't a fan of that then you can skip this. 
I have been wearing this for a week and it has been working out fine for me.  I haven't noticed anything break outs or anything different with my skin though so I'm not sure about the detoxifying claims associated with this product.  I get pretty oily by mid afternoon so blotting is still absolutely necessary. 

Either way,  I will continue to use this primer after my UD one runs out.  Not quite sure if I will repurchase this particular one yet as I have my eye on others already, but will let you know if I change my mind.


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