Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Arm Swag

Hey dolls.  Short post today as I have a ton of papers to sort through and spelling tests to correct.

 Here is something that I have been obsessed with.  Bracelets.  I wasn't really a bracelet type of person as I had always just found them cumbersome and clunky.  So when the stacking bracelets trend hit, I wasn't immediately on board.  

That is til now.  :/  Better late than never I suppose. 
  #Hmong inspired 
I already shared this in my Pieces of Me post, but I thought I would dedicate a separate post because I love this combo so much.  The bangles were all bought at Target.  The friendship bracelet bought from a vendor.  And just one of many arm swag photos to come. :)



  1. I love bracelets and have quite a few. I love your arm the colors on the big bangle.

  2. That is super lovely! Love the hmong inspired bracelets.