Saturday, September 8, 2012

OPI-Lincoln Park at Midnight

Hey dolls.  Here is what I am wearing on my newly cut down nubs:
This is from OPI in Lincoln Park at Midnight.  It is a really vampy color, perfect for short nails.  
I had some trouble with the first coat and balding, so for the second coat I did a thicker layer to even things out.  I topped this off with Out the Door topcoat, but I can't say that I'm really a fan of this.  It leaves my nails with brush strokes and that annoys me.  So I topped it off with Seche Vite too.  

What are your thoughts with Out the Door topcoat?



  1. This polish has been on my lemming list for what seems like forever! It looks gorgeous on you, but if you ever want to swap it let me know!

    As far a my opinion of Out The Door goes it's OK, but for me I've found China Glaze Fast Forward or Posche dry faster and with more shine than anything else, and I don't get the shrinkage with those that I get with SV.

    1. Sure, I will keep you in mind! :) I dont think that I have ever heard of Posche? Where do you buy it from?

    2. Thanks!

      I get my Posche at Sally Beauty, but it should be available at most supply stores or online.

    3. Oooh. Next time I check out SB I will look for it, and if I like it I will give u a shout out.:)