Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wet 'n Wild ColorIcon-Spoiled Brat

Hello there dolls.  I have been trying to get out of my funk and play around with more makeup.  In an effort to get to all of the Wet 'n Wild palettes that I picked up last year, I am continuing the series with the trio palettes.  

Here is a look that I created with the Spoiled Brat palette.  
 WnW: Spoiled Brat palette
I also used the matte black and the top cream color from the Greed 6-pan palette:
And here is the look that I created using that palette.  I used the matte black from the Greed palette and used it in the lower lid.  Then I took the fuchsia color and blended it into the black that I laid down.  I also took some of the silver and put that over the inner corner of my eye.  I took the matte cream color from the Greed palette as my highlight color.  
The lashes are from Red Cherry and although I love how full they look, they are too long and clumsy looking.  Not my favorite.

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