Saturday, March 31, 2012

OPI- Big Hair...Big Nails

Hello dolls.  Here is what I am currently wearing on my nails:
This is OPI's Big Hair...Big Nails from the Texas collection that was released in Spring of 2011.  This polish is translucent so a couple of coats is a must.  OPI describes this particular polish as a "sorbet" aka jellies in the polish world.  Very squish-a-licious indeed.  

I realized that I hadn't done a jelly sandwich in quite a while so I pulled out this gold glitter polish and layered it in between Big Hair...Big Nails.  The gold glitter polish is not B3 free which means it stinks soo bad, but I don't have any other glitters (yet) that have large hexagons so I pulled this out.
I did one coat of Big Hair...Big Nails, one coat of unnamed gold glitter, two coats of Big Hair...Big Nails and one coat of Seche Vite on top. 
I was going to keep layering but the idea of taking of layers of glitter just got to me.  I have been swatching every day now in an effort to get through my untrieds and my cuticles are crying.  :(

Anywhos, this sorbet finish really is something huh?  I love jellies and only own a couple of them so far.  Anything you would recommend for me?


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