Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Heart Pin-Up Makeup!

Hello dolls.  I have a special place in my heart for pin-up makeup.  I just love how exquisite ladies look with the matte eyes, thick liner and red lips!  I just think it's so sexy.  So here is an old look that I created when I first started my blog.
And here is an updated look that I created today:
For this look I used the matte white color in the Wet 'n Wild Greed palette.  That was the all over lid color.  I then took my Max Factor color in Fawn and used that in the crease.  I then took CoverGirl Mink and blended that out.  Max Factor BFF was my highlight color.  
I also took my black liquid liner and did an thick line on my eyes with the traditional winged liner.  I then added false lashes that I bought from Forever21 to complete the look.
On my lips, I decided to go with a bright fuchsia color instead of the traditional red.  This is MAC's Girl About Town, my newest MAC lipstick and my current obsession.  Love this color!
Here is another shot that I fired off because I enjoyed this look so much. :)
Enjoy your day!


  1. Pretty! Looks like I will have to check out Max Factor Fawn! Do you generally not wear mascara on the lower lashes? I just noticed that.

  2. No I never wear mascara on bottom lashes. it gives me racoon eyes and I have very sparse lashes anyways.