Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hello Kitty-Nail polish in Silver Star

Hello everyone.  Here is a new polish that I picked up from Sephora's when I ordered my Naked2 palette. 
This is such a cute bottle!  I will love it forever and ever!  And it was only $5!
I thought that it might be a little sheer so in order to save on it I chose to layer it over Sally Hansen's Celeb City, a silver foil. (2 coats)
Isn't this a pretty foil?  I think I may just wear this on it's own-one of these days...

Anywhos, here is the Hello Kitty polish that I layered over Celeb City.  This was two coats.
Here is another look at the cute bottle and my thumb makes a rare appearance:
This is a hungry glitter, which meant I had to do one coat of Seche Vite and then another topcoat on top of that one to seal everything in.  
I did buy another one but it's a green foily-looking polish.  That will make an appearance soon too.  :)


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