Friday, March 23, 2012

Currently Obsessed With...

Hello dolls.  Welcome to this month's edition of Currently Obsessed With.  Here is what made the cut this month:

1. Nude & Taupe in everything please

Sinful Colors: Bare
 10 Professional Nail Lacquer-Moonlight
I have been drawn to taupes and nudes lately and it has even gone to my shoes.  Both shoes are from Target, bought on clearance.  I have been pairing the mens-wear inspired booties with everything, but they look the most awesome paired with a dress and opaque tights for school.

 2. Bird Decor

I first bought the silver bird duo during the holiday season and they are what spurred this obsession.  These birds and the three white birds (a family! awwww!)  are all from Michael's craft store.  They were purchased on sale at around $3 each.  The white candle holder is from Big Lots and holds my little treasures and the odd chapstick or two.  I don't think that I will be getting any more, but I love how whimsical they look.  

3.  Aviator Hello Kitty Sunglasses

Are these not the most adorable aviators you have ever seen?  Scored these at TJ Maxx for just $8.  Yes, I am pretty awesome.  

4. My New OttLite
After taking the time (and effort!) to build myself a light box, I figured I needed to really invest in a better light source than what I originally had.  Then- the clouds parted, angels sang and a godly light came down... when I saw the weekly circular for Michael's craft store. lol.  They had OttLites on sale for $25!  Can you see me jump into my car and drive to Michael's as fast as humanly possible?  Yes siree!  I got myself one of these babies and I think it was the best $25 ever spent (on lighting-of course!).  

 What are you currently obsessed with this month?  Do tell!



  1. TAUPE!!! EVERYONE is so taupe crazy haha! I NEED to go shopping today. Forever 21 is the only store I can walk to though and I don't have a car so I'm hoping that I will find a few things there.

    1. Good luck! The nearest forever21 frm me is an hr and hlf away!