Monday, March 26, 2012

Urban Decay 20% off Haul

Hey there everyone.  Here is what I got for myself from the recent Urban Decay friends and family sale.
First up, I picked up another Primer Potion, this one in Greed.  This Primer Potion is in the vintage aka genie-style bottle, so they were on sale for $9 each.  The new ones are now all in tubes for easier use.  See how to depot your genie-style bottle here
I'm almost out of my Boots #07 Mattifier, so this UD De-slick in a Tube seemed like a good (and logical) buy. 
Then I picked up a cream eye liner, also on sale for $7.  This one is in Empire, a deep purple.
Look at this packaging!  Soo cool!  I love the peacock etched on it.  Can you imagine whipping this baby out from your purse and the oohs and ahhs you will get?  :)
So cool.  Anyways, the top opens up to reveal the liner and a dual ended brush as well as a mirror on the top.
Here is a closer look at the brush that is included with the liner:
As you can see, one end is an angled liner brush and the other is a smudger.  What the box claims: 
Then I also got the lash primer potion.
This primer potion as the individual fibers in the formula, which are designed to help lengthen and fatten up lashes.  You can see them a little more clearly in my picture below:
 What the box claims:
And, as always, Urban Decay always includes samples with your purchases.   I got a sample of the original primer potion, which I threw into my travel bag right away. 
I will have more thorough reviews on these once I get to play with them a tad more, so look for them soon in upcoming posts.  

Did you pick up anything from the friends and family sale?


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  1. I'd love to see a review on the eyeliner!