Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Born Pretty Haul

Hello everyone!  I ordered from Born Pretty, an online store this month.  Here is what I got:
 Born Pretty Haul
White ball studs:
 3 mini stamping polishes in white, red and black:
 Stamping and Scraper set:
 Nail Art Stickers:
 Nail Stamping Plates:
3D Ribbon Nail Art:
I tried some of the stamping plates, but still no luck.  I am still learning, experimenting and trying!  I only spent around $24 for everything, which is pretty reasonable.  

The only downside that I could see to ordering from Born Pretty is that they only accept PayPal as payment.  I just thought it was a hassle because I got everything in my shopping cart and then couldn't check out because I had to transfer funds into my PayPal account.  They do keep all of the items that you select in your shopping cart until you check out-so that was nice.

All of my items came in a bubble envelope and the mini polishes were securely wrapped in styrofoam and tape.  Shipping was rather long, a week for my things to come.  But overall, I am rather happy with my items (aside from my painful learning curve with stamping) and I will order from them again.

Have you ever ordered from Born Pretty?


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