Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sinful Colors Haul

Hello dolls.  Just wanted to share some of the new colors that have been coming out with Sinful Colors.  Some of these are just colors that I don't have yet so I picked them up during the recent .99 cent sale at Walgreens. 
L-R: Glass Pink, Boom-Boom, Feeling Great, Ruby Ruby
L-R:  Island Coral, Bikini, Cinderella, Exotic Green, Kissy

The last five are brand new colors that have just been released, along with Tutu and Bare.  Not sure if Glass Pink and Feeling Great are part of that new collection, so let me know if you know.  

Then I picked up these colors from the new Cast Away collection as well:

L-R:  Be Happy, Greek Isles, Athens, Grecian Sun, Zeus, Neptune 
I got all but two from the collection, Pandora, the rusty coral color and the pea-green one which I forgot the name to. 
Green Ocean
Lastly, I picked up Green Ocean, a flakie that is promoted every St. Patrick's day.  

These will all be swatched for you soon.  :)  Have you seen any of these new colors pop up near you?



  1. Glass Pink is part of their permanent collection. It's one of my favorite pinks. I don't wear pink polish often but I do like wearing this one! And dang! You're really building up your polish collection. I wish I had the disposable income to do that. I pretty much am giving up makeup shopping.

    1. haha, yes I have noticed that my spending and hoarding has gotten a little bit out of control. i am currently on a self ban. we'll see how long that lasts. :)