Thursday, December 29, 2011

December-Dollar Tree Finds

Hello dolls.  There was nothing really that caught my eye at the Dollar Tree last month thus-no November post.  This month I had pretty much resigned myself to finding nothing new either, but I got lucky.  I stopped in the day after Christmas and found a bunch of new beauty products!  Score!  I guess they were busy pushing the holiday decor and stuff, so the beauty products were on hold.  

I picked up these false lashes from Kiss.  I had reviewed them already here, so I'm not going to say much about them in this particular post.  Still not a fan of the applicator strings though.
I picked up different styles than the one I had bought the first time.  Kiss lashes have been repackaged-which is probably why these showed up at the dollar store.

Then, I found NYC blushes!  Picked up three of these babies. 
Also, found some Elf products that Target does not carry like this black waterproof liquid liner and this regular liquid liner.
Lastly, found some nail art pens, but only in one color-violet.  I have never tried these before and they look cool, though the pen is pretty small. 
I plan on doing separate reviews for some of the products featured in this post, so look for them in upcoming posts.  What did you find this month? Let me know!



  1. Oh nice! Looks like I'm going to have to check dollar tree today! I NEED to get comfortable with wearing false lashes.. I always put them on and then take them off before leaving the house because I'm scared... dumb, I know! Are all of the NYC blushes sort of tan rather than pink?

  2. Lisa, yes, the blushes all lean towards coral/orange/tan and one is matte. I will post better pictures soon and do swatches of each. As for the false lashes, i only wear them when i am going out or special occasions. i forgo the falsies if im going to work or school bc they are just too dramatic.