Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wet 'n Wild-LE Baking a Cake Review & Swatches

Hey friends.  I am so glad that I finally found this palette from Wet 'n Wild at my local drugstore.
These are baked shadows, which means they can be iffy when it comes to pigmentation.
The shadows come in a black case and a clear top that just lifts off.  No hinges like the regular palettes.  The shadows come in about nickel sized domes.  

And swatches of the shadows, starting from the top and going left to right:
These are all swatched dry and without primer.  I was very disappointed in the bright fuchsia color.  I expected better color payoff.  Otherwise, I really liked the middle two colors.  Once the colors are swirled together, they create a very pretty taupe and shimmery bronze.  

There is also a small ColorIcon eye pencil in a shimmery black included in the set.
I am not sure that I would personally use this liner because I don't wear pencils anyways.  The glitter in it is attractive but I don't know about fall out when wearing it.

What would I give this product?  
3 out of 5 
  • Color payoff isn't all that great on some shades
  • Clear top on case is hard to pull off
  • I only like two of the six shades
  • Glitter eye pencil is something I wouldn't use


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