Friday, December 30, 2011

DIY-Light Box

Hey friends.  SO - I finally built my own light box.  After Christmas I found the perfect box to use, not too big and not too small. This became my little project.
What you will need:
*size depends on what you want to photograph such as food/larger objects.  I used a smaller box bc I am only photographing makeup.
X-acto Knife
White tissue Paper/White cloth 
White posterboard
First, I took a ruler and measured 1 1/2 inches all around the frame on three sides of the box.  You can do this to your discretion, depending on how big of a box you use.
Then, I cut out the middle with an X-acto knife.  It doesn't have to be perfect because you are going to be covering it with tissue paper or white cloth anyways. ^_*
Your box should now look like this.  I also took off the three flaps off the top of the box as well.  I left one flap on because it will hold the extra length of white cardstock that I will be putting on inside the box.

The bottom of the box and one side of the box should be left in tact.  That is very important.  Then, I took two layers of white tissue paper and taped it over the sides that I cut out.   Some people use white cloth instead.  This is up to you.  I had tissue paper on hand so this is what I used.  Whatever material you use will diffuse the light differently-so experiment to get the look that you want.
*Sorry, I was super excited and forgot to take pictures of this step!

You should have three sides of the box that are now all covered with white tissue paper.  Now, you need a long continuous sheet of white paper to put inside of the box.  I had to go out and buy a sheet of poster board to do this because I didn't have anything long enough.  Measure accordingly.  It is important to not crease your paper to create a continuous background.
 Inside view:
Here is a test shot with natural lighting from my patio door. 
I did have to auto correct the white background with photo editor, but it still beats what I was doing previously!  

I went to Target and bought a cheap desk lamp for $5.99 to use as my lighting source.  I wanted a clamp on desk lamp, but they were sold out.
I had to use several boxes in order to make it tall enough for my light box.  I just have a regular 60 watt bulb in my lamp.  I had bought 100 watt bulbs too, but my lamp had a warning sign on it-so alas, 60 watts would have to suffice.
And here is another test shot with the artificial lighting from above:
Hopefully, I will have better, crisper photos to showcase the products that I want to feature on this blog!  

Storing this box has become a hassle in itself, but I love how my pictures will turn out-even with a simple digi camera!  What do you think?  Something you would like to try? ^_*



  1. Oh nice!! Will definitely try, yes! Thanks!

  2. I love using DIY lightboxes and find that it does produce better product photos. It also looks more professional on the blog. Can't wait to see more!

  3. Thanks guys! I just can't believe that I didn't do it sooner!