Thursday, November 17, 2011

Revlon- Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer Review

Hello friends.  I picked up this primer from Walgreens when it went on clearance for under $3.  I have been searching for a primer and the drugstore seemed like the most logical place to start.
 What it claims:
Unfortunately, I didn't like this primer at all.  First of all- it is scented, which I can not stand.  It didn't seem that bad it the tube, but once I used it I could smell it for hours.  I am not even sure how to describe it- its flowery and perfumey but just overall too intense for me.

This formula does not leave the silicone feel that you might be used to.  I think it feels like a little like baby oil, which I fear would make my skin break out if I continue to use it.  There is not an ingredient list included on the labels so I don't know what is all actually in this primer.  There is also not a whole lot of product- .85 fluid oz so it's rather a small tube.  

I am glad that I did not pay full price for this primer.  I had originally bought two tubes but returned one after I swatched this tube.  

Are there any drugstore primers that you would recommend?  I am thinking of trying the Rimmel one next.



  1. Thanks for the review. I think I'm going to try the palladio one next. I used to use one from Hard Candy but I was shocked one day to find out that it was actually the glittery kind, I wore it underneath my mineral foundation one day and I was shimmery all day... not fun... haha but I think hard candy also has ones without the shimmer, you should give that a try!

  2. Hard Candy Sheer Envy primer (About eight dollars, at Wal Mart) is a very nice primer. I also really like Loreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base primer. That is what I am currently using and it pretty much rules. For me, anyway... As with anything, YMMV. :)

    I have heard good things about the Palladio eye primer, that it is comparable to UDPP. Now, if I can just find it here, in Podunkville. :)

  3. I currently use UDPP as an eye primer but am looking for a facial primer. I will look into the L'Oreal one-thanks for the input!

    As for Hard Candy- I haven't really tried anything from their line. Every time I look at the collection, i feel like glitter exploded every where. lol

  4. Oh and there's also one from Rimmel that has a new formula and is supposed to be really good... I think I might actually try that one next because the Sally's near me doens't carry Palladio and I'd have to order the face primer... :/
    I use the Palladio eye primer btw. :)