Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tresemme Dry Shampoo - Review

Hello dolls.  Okay-so I know this post is also long overdue.  I had bought this shampoo in August to go camping because there were no showers where we were going.  :/
I picked this up for under $2 but this normally retails for around $5-3 depending on where you get it.  

This shampoo comes in a bottle just like hairspray.  It is dispensed also like a hair spray.  You spray it concentrating mostly on the roots of your hair.  Then, with your fingers or a brush, comb the dry shampoo in.  

This particular shampoo is infused with a citrus scent which smells great.  It also contains mineral clay to absorb the excess oil from your hair, which you'll find most dry shampoos have.  I have very oily hair, so if I don't wash it every day it gets very nappy.  (which was why I was not very happy with the fact that there were no showers at our campsite)  I like this dry shampoo because it left my hair soft and shiny and CLEAN.  

My friend also commented that she uses dry shampoo to give her hair a little extra "oomphf" and volume before styling when she goes out. I would just toss this into a gym bag or for a weekend get away.

I also bought this dry shampoo from Suave but I can not stand the smell.  It also has a citrus scent but it is very strong and very off putting to me.  I also only used it twice and it feels like the bottle is already done.  
I much prefer Tresemme's dry shampoo over this one.  I would also recommend Tresemme's dry shampoo if you are looking for a drugstore brand that won't break the bank.  

Clean hair and kisses,

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