Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Remington Glam Hair Curler-Review

Hello there.  I recently purchased this curling iron from Big Lots for only $10.  I have been lemming for a bigger curling iron to create bigger waves and this one fit the bill.
This curler comes with adjustable temperature settings on the side of the handle, which range from 1 to 20.  The highest temperature that this curler heats up to is 360 degrees.  On top of the handle is the on and off button.  There is also a nice grip on the bottom of the handle so it doesn't slide around when you are using it.  I also like the design on the handle-very glam indeed.
I usually turn up the curler to the highest setting when I am curling my hair.  I have really thick hair and working in one inch sections with my hair is very time consuming, so I work in bigger chunks and focus on the face framing pieces more than the back.  

I really like how loose my curls are and how they last all day-even without any product in it!
Curls & Hugs,

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