Tuesday, November 22, 2011

L'Oreal Project Runway Audacious Amazon's Pout-Dupe & Comparisons

Hey dolls.  I finally took some time to rummage around my lipstick stash and find some possible dupes to Project Runway's Audacious Amazon's Pout.  See my previous swatches and review on this lipstick here.

Anyways, here are the four other colors that I pulled out to compare.
Left to Right:  L'Oreal Project Runway lipstick in Audacious Amazon's Pout, CG Lip Perfection Eternal, Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Love that Pink, CG Lip Perfection Eternal in Spellbound, Revlon ColorBurst lipstick in Fuchsia
 Swatches:  Audacious Amazon, Eternal, Love that Pink, Spellbound & Fuchsia
 As you can see, there is not real exact dupe with these colors.  I thought for sure that CoverGirl's Eternal might be close, but it is a tad too dark.  Revlon's Love that Pink I pulled out just because-I knew it wouldn't be a match.  CoverGirl's Spellbound has more blue undertones, but still one of my favorite colors to wear.  Surprisingly, the closest color to Audacious Amazon was my Revlon's ColorBurst color in Fuchsia.  
Swatches:  L'Oreal Audacious Amazon & Revlon Fuchsia
As you can see, Revlon's Fuchsia has a tad bit more blue in it, but still a very close contender for Audacious Amazon. In fact, I would mix CoverGirl's Eternal and Revlon's Fuchsia on my lips to perfect the color and get an even closer match to Audacious Amazon.  These Project Runway items were hot items this summer and were limited edition, so if you didn't get a chance to pick up any, check out the dupes to kill those lemmings.  Hope this helps!


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