Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sally Beauty Haul & More

Hey dolls.  Here are some polishes that I had picked up this and last week:

I picked up three new nail treatments.  Two are from Orly and one from Poshe.  With the two Orly treatments, I got one free Orly polish!  I chose to get Night Owl as my freebie.
L-R:  Orly Primetime Chip Preventing Primer, Orly Nail Armor, Poshe Basecoat

 I also picked up Decades of Dysfunction because it was on clearance:
 Then, I got a couple of China Glazes.  (These are my first China Glazes ev-ar.)  I had to get Ruby Pumps.  Foie Gras was on clearance. 
Four more China Glazes that I picked up:
Lastly, I picked up a new nail filer and an orange stick.
 Some OPI's that I got when I took E to get his haircut at the salon:
 Yeap.  I broke down and bought Don't Touch My Tutu.  These were $6 each.

 At Target, I used my $3 off coupon which I received in the Beauty Bag this last Spring and got this pretty polish from Revlon for just .99 cents.
 So, my untried drawer that I had whittled away at has some new friends. :)



  1. I am wearing Nite Owl & I love it. Applied like a dream and such a nice neutral with a twist. I hope you love it.

  2. love the labels on your pictures! Night Owl looks really pretty!