Tuesday, August 7, 2012

L'Oreal Colour Caresse- Pink Vinyl

Hey dolls.  I picked up a new lippie the other day while browsing Target.  This is from L'Oreal's Colour Caresse line in Pink Vinyl.
Look at the gorgeous packaging.  Isn't in sleek?  I like the high-end looks, without the high-end price.  This was around $7 at Target.  The bit of colored plastic towards the end of the bullet differs depending in which shade you get.
The bullet is slanted for easy application.  I zoomed in towards this color because of how bright and fun it was.  Unfortunately, I did not do my research ahead of time and didn't realize that this was a glossy lipstick.  Therefore, pigmentation was a let down.  I was expecting a matte bright pink, but was met with a milky, watered down version. 

Here it is on my lips:
I took a nap with it on, and it left a bright pink stain on my lips afterwards.   
Swatched under Ottlite:
 Swatched outside in shade:
So, was it worth it?  Eh. I like my bold lip colors to have a little bit more punch to them i.e. pigmentation.  Sheer lipsticks like this are best on me in more natural colors...the MLBB shades. 

Oh well, live and learn.  Note to self: next time-do research before buying.  (That's what iPhones are for!)


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